Producer Stories: Joe's Tea

The Story

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Joe loves that tea can bring people together, and so he started Joe's Tea Company in 2012 after a few years learning about, as well as guzzling lots of, fine tea around London. Joe's aim is to take the 'toff' out of fine tea by making premium, organic tea accessible. After all, tea is Britain's favourite drink. 

Environmentally-Friendly Tea

joe's tea production

The entire Joe's Tea Co. range is certified organic in the UK, and internationally it is certified as ozone friendly tea. 

Their production process (from harvesting, to blending and packaging) happens in Sri Lanka and is shipped to the UK by sea, rather than air, ensuring the lowest carbon footprint possible. 

Joe believes that tea and herbs need looking after properly to be at their best, and that's why he uses only organic tea, herbs and fruit in his blends grown to perfection using old school farming methods. Organic soil is better as it is more immune to change in climate, and is less dependent on oil-based fertilisers and pesticides. Organic farms are a haven for wildlife (like birds, bees and butterflies), providing homes for 50% more wildlife than non-organic farms.

The Range

fuso bag tea

Joe's Tea Co. tea's are available as loose-tea, as well as in individual fuso bags. There are a wide variety of flavours, such as:

  • The Classics - Ever-So-English Breakfast, The Earl of Grey, Queen of Green, Proper Peppermint and Sweet Chamomile.
  • The Fruity Flavours - St Clement's Lemon, The Berry Best and Minted-Up Fruit.
  • The More Unusual Flavours - Chocca-Roo-Brew, Sleepy Cow Tea, Christmas Chai Rooibos and Whiter Than White
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