In February 2015, Office Pantry was contacted with a brief to deliver healthy snacks for 650 delegates at a major London Medical Conference. The conference was 3 weeks away, and Banks Sadler needed a conference catering supplier fast.

Banks Sadler Corporate Conference Healthy Brainfood snacks

Being β€˜hangry’ can drastically influence our mental agility. In fact people are comparatively 62% more likely to get things wrong, and 40% more irritable.
— Dr Christy Fergusson


Banks Sadler is a global meetings organiser and event management company. They handle 1,500 events annually with offices in England, France, Germany and the USA. 

Office Pantry pulled out all the stops to deliver a bespoke package for Banks Sadler and their conference attendees in a very tight time-frame.

conference healthy snack delivery

The two-day conference was being held at the Park Plaza Hotel in London. The 650 delegates needed healthy snacks to stay energised and, being medical professionals, couldn't be fooled by frilly language or faddy ingredients. We knew they would have a keen eye for our product ingredient lists.

Office Pantry provided a tailored range of brainfood, including gluten, wheat and dairy free options, for delegates to enjoy throughout the two days. 

Everything went down exceedingly well with all of the attendees, and they expressed how wonderful the snacks had been. It was also noted by the organisers that the quantity forecast for such a large event was almost perfect, and not one morsel went to waste.