I would fully recommend Office Pantry throughout the Deloitte network.
— Martyn Gregory, Senior Partner South West and Wales
best snacks for staff at work

In December 2014, Office Pantry sat down with Deloitte to discuss the possibility to improve their vending machines for their staff to actually enjoy their vending machine snacks. Sadly, this wasn't possible. 

However, what was possible was completely changing the way Deloitte saw the use of the vending machine for their staff. In May 2015, Office Pantry started delivering to tremendous success.

Being ‘hangry’ can drastically influence our decision-making ability. In fact people are comparatively 62% more likely to get things wrong, and 40% more irritable when hungry.
— Dr Christy Fergusson


Deloitte is a global, independent firm providing audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and related services to select clients. They employ over 15,000 staff in the UK alone.

Deloitte recognise with around 90% of their costs being spent on their staff, anyway to increase their productivity will generate a healthy return on investment.

Office Pantry's snacks are the healthiest within their product categories. Deloitte didn't want to prevent their staff from being able to eat the snacks they wanted, but through a series of nudges they can help encourage them to eat better. 

No only did Office Pantry's snack packs provide a popular service catering to all dietary requirements, but Office Pantry Pantry also reduced Deloitte's environmental impact whilst raising money for their chosen charity.

          Source: World Green Building Council

          Source: World Green Building Council

Key Facts:

  • During an employee questionnaire, Deloitte's staff scored Office Pantry:

rated 8.79 / 10  


  • Office Pantry's snack packs do not require any electricity. By reducing the number of vending machines required after the trail period Deloitte:

saved £15,600 annually per machine replaced


  • Unlike with fruit, Deloitte's staff pay for their snacks. During the first trial week in the Bristol office:

£259.60 raised for charity

Office Pantry delivers tailored snack packs for Deloitte's staff, including gluten and wheat free options. If you would like Office Pantry for your office, please get in touch.