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The Dalston’s story started out in East London, 2012. In the teeny kitchen of Passing Clouds nightclub Duncan O’Brien first lovingly hand-mashed and mixed cola to quench the thirst of the infamously cool and eclectic venue’s visitors. With a passion for great ingredients and hands-on culinary creation (inspired by his days as an on-board Orient Express chef), Duncan wanted to provide the Dalston locals with a yummier, fresher, and all-round better alternative to mainstream fizzy soft drinks. And so provide, he did.


Located in London

Luckily for the rest of us, Dalston’s is now stocked in the best shops and establishments across the UK and beyond. Over six years, the range has also grown. There are now 8 tempting tastes to choose from, including fiery ginger beer, velvety rhubarb and crisp elderflower.

(‘Amazing’, we hear you cry.) Well, the good news doesn’t stop there…the drinks are made with all natural and responsibly sourced ingredients, have way less sugar than other canned softies and come in zero-plastic packaging. From where we’re stood, the company is smashing its aim to ‘bring back quality to the soft drinks industry.’

We’ve always used less sugar than our competitors simply because we felt it wasn’t necessary. If you use better quality, natural ingredients that are less processed, then you don’t need to use so much sugar.
— Duncan, Dalston's Founder
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Humble in beginnings but great in spirit, Dalston’s has also been driven by a ‘pure and simple underdog mentality of going up against the enormous mainstream drinks companies.’

Here at Office Pantry, the only thing we love more than an underdog is an underdog that makes delicious drinks. Fresh, thirst quenching and good for you and Mother Nature, Dalston’s blow the average can out of the (soda) water. Big brands – beware.

But don’t just take our word for it. Click here to get Dalston’s delivered to your office next week and check it for yourselves.

The Passing Clouds Nightclub - where Dalston’s first began

The Passing Clouds Nightclub - where Dalston’s first began

✓ Real fruit and nothing artificial

✓ Vegan Friendly

✓ Responsibly sourced ingredients

✓ At least 1/3 less sugar than conventional brands

✓ Light versions = only 20 cals per can!!!

✓ Grandmother Approved

✓ Zero plastic, fantastic

✓ Ooze East London coolness

✓ Tastes Damn Good

Producer: Duncan O’Brien and his brewing team

Produced in: East London