We deliver fruit to offices nationwide

Ensuring your staff stay happy, healthy and motivated. Keeping your office free from the sniffles.

( Oh and we deliver milk too. )

How it Works

We pick the freshest fruit

seasonal fruit office delivery

from the market every day

delivering to your office(s)

fruit office staff wellbeing

when you want it

making your staff happy.

staff fruit delivery benefits

bristol fruit delivery

Can't see your perfect fruit plan? Tell us your team size and budget

Where we source your fruit

We're at fruit markets from 1 am every weekday, using our extensive fruit knowledge to source locally whenever possible, to buy the freshest fruit just for you.

So straight from the market to your desk every morning.


staff perks fresh fruit delivery

Fuel productivity, enhance employee wellbeing and save staff time from snack hunting every day. 

No fixed contracts. Your first delivery can be with you next Monday.