Office Pantry delivers tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other hot drink supplies to your office - straight to your staff kitchen


Terrific Tea


Cracking Coffee


And Other Drinks

Tea, coffee and other hot drinks are the constant which all British working days revolve around.

We've put together the finest blend of builders' and loose leaf tea bags, instant and freshly roasted coffees, hot chocolates, and all sorts of other herbal concoctions to make you smile. Almost as if you're delving through your very own Grandmother's Pantry.

All we need to know is how many staff you have, what office machinery you currently have in place, and what your needs are, and we'll deliver that caffeinated or hot liquid oomph for your team.

Tea & Coffee PAQS

Is there a delivery charge?

We never charge delivery for any of our orders and we don't intend to start now - delivery is free.

Is there a minimum order then?

There is a minimum order we need to deliver, but as you're probably also ordering some fruit or snacks that won't be a problem for you to worry about.

(It's also really, really small, just £20, so you'll be more than fine.)

What coffee do you offer?

We provide freshly roasted coffee bags, instant coffee sticks and nespresso-sized coffee pods.

What is your freshly roasted coffee range?

Our freshly roasted coffee comes in either whole bean or ground form.

It is delivered in either 1kg or 250g bags.

Either way the bags smell coffee-gasmicly amazing.

We work with two roasters - one for the more economic needs, from Yorkshire, and one for the speciality coffee palates out there (which makes sense as it is speciality grade coffee), from Bath. 

Where do your coffee pods come from?

Our coffee pods come from Cru Kafe and Colonna. Both of which are Nespresso machine sized, perfect for your office's Nespresso machine.

Both the Cru and the Colonna are truly special, even if we do say so ourselves.

We have you covered for both long and short coffees, starting from £0.30 per pod. 

What instant coffee can you offer?

We have instant coffee sticks and jars of instant coffee.

Our coffee jars includes flavoured coffees too, including such delights as Island Coconut for those with experimental tastes and holiday envy.

Both the coffee sticks and jars can come in decaf if required.

And do you offer sugar sticks?

We do indeed - and milk for that matter...