Health and Wellbeing Week Ideas: How to Organise

We just helped our sixteenth company organise their Health and Wellbeing Week, and I have to say, it turned out to be our best yet.

When you look at the eating stats for their 127 staff the week after their health week, however, you might think things aren’t progressing as their staff only ate 0.7 extra portions of fruit a vegetables a day. But all signals are pointing in the right direction.

Here’s what happened during their week.

Started to focus more on Habits

The company’s staff we helped aren’t now only eating healthy foods, but this is only the sixteenth company we have helped. Technically speaking, you can even say it’s our thirteenth as three didn’t tell us until after the event.

The week after this company’s Health Week, 42 people made homemade lunches 3 out of 5 days, which is a 36% increase from the week before.

Typically whenever you do a health week, you have to wait 3 months before you start seeing if any healthy habits have stuck. Why? Because new habits aren’t formed immediately or on the basis of logic. People need a consistent setting, incentives, nudges etc.

As healthier habits are adopted, both staff and companies are rewarded for their perseverance.

Why have a Wellbeing Week?

What was initially a warm and fuzzy fad is now spreading as companies are seeing evidence of strong financial returns.

PepsiCo, for example, had an ROI of £1.50 for every £1 spent on their wellbeing programme and Tower’s Watson found 76% of North American companies now hold such weeks.

Benefits of health wellbeing week
how to organise a health and wellbeing week

Saving Time

When working with companies, we find that the people leading the Health and Wellbeing weeks are hugely enthusiastic for their programme. They have so many ideas – it’s insane.

Organisers, HR reps, office and community managers then come to us because they need our service; either our fresh fruit or healthy snack packs, to deliver for one of their days during the week to fuel their staff.

But because they have to do all of the administrative tasks too, they can’t find the time to develop all of the ideas. That means the really cool ones don’t move forward, and that’s a real shame because we know the huge benefit those ideas would bring.

So for the last company we worked with, we changed things. We created a simple plan for them to follow, and linked them to the best people we know to help them out on the other days.

(We’ll share it with you so you can during it for your Health and Wellbeing week)

What we discovered is that our guide and list of suppliers was incredibly useful for the organisers. They saved time and managed to put some of the innovative, cool ideas they had in place.

A Better Health and Wellbeing Week

If you spoke to the organisers, you’d know they saved an entire day of searching for providers. We gave them the exact framework for a successful week, told them the best suppliers to use, and armed them with relevant information to share.

We even created a page to get in touch with us about your wellbeing week:

You are now able to tell us the details of your wellbeing week. In the lead up to your event, you’ll be able to create a perfect plan partner with the right suppliers.


What's the best health and wellbeing week you've experienced?