Office Pantry delivers fresh milk to offices and work places nationwide

How much is it?

Our milk is £1 per 1 litre carton. Delivered on a schedule to suit you.

What type of milk is available?

Semi-Skimmed, Skimmed or Whole Milk, the choice is yours. You can even pick'n'mix.

So what days can you deliver?

Monday through Fridays. We'll give you the weekend off.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes - tell us where you are based and we'll tell you what it is for your area.

Alternatively order with one of our £20 fruit boxes and there's no delivery charge. what is that delivery charge?

Again, it depends where you are based. In most cases there is no delivery charge.

But are the dairy farmers getting a good deal?

Yes. All our milk comes from independent British dairies, straight from the source.

*Spoiler Alert* Which means from freshly milked cows *Spoiler Alert*