Water Taps

Installing taps in your office kitchen to provide filtered water - chilled, boiling and sparkling options available.

Weekly or quarterly rentals, and full purchases available, all with free install.

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Water Taps FAQs

Can a tap provide chilled, boiling, and sparkling water all in one?

Yes - some of our machines do just that.

Is it really boiling water?

The default setting is 98°C - but this can be lowered if it is too hot for you.

Can you provide those refillable bottles branded with our logo for our meeting rooms?

Yes - all we need is a high-res copy of your logo and for you to tell us how many you need.

Does the CO2 gas need refilling for Sparkling Water?

Yes - if you have a Sparkling Water tap then the CO2 canister will need replacing on a regular basis. Canisters can all be arranged by Office Pantry, including the canister switch, as and when required.

Will I require new water filters at any point for my tap?

Yes - and the great news is that new replacement filters are included within the servicing package.

Is my tap protected by warranty?

Yes - all taps have at least 1 year’s warranty

What happens if something goes wrong with my tap?

Our team of engineers are always on hand, and depending on the level of your servicing package we can be with you as fast as within 24 hours.