Office Pantry can provide a fully managed office kitchen service for your company

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Office Pantry takes care of your food and drink needs so your Office and Facility Manager(s) can save time and get back to looking after running the office.

This is why when Office Pantry works with companies they benefit financially.

How did it start?

In 2016, an American-based firm was looking to change the way they look after their UK staff.


They had always cared for their staff in the America office by providing free of charge food, fruit, drinks, barista-grade coffee and other goodies for group meetings.

This left the EMEA Facilities Director having to bulk buy food and drink from wholesale outlets - not the ideal system for someone often travelling throughout Europe on a regular basis.

They realised they needed to find a partner to take over the running of the and drink requirements for the office.

What did they get?

Although the company had originally found a company which provided a service, the foods were generic and the drinks sugar-full - it was all very unhealthy, and they were stuck with whatever the company decided to deliver to them.

But they wanted better for their staff

Following a meeting with Office Pantry, this company realised they could have a food and drink provider that suited their needs.

Office Pantry tailored fruit delivery

This meant:

  • tailoring food and drink offering uniquely to their staff's tastes
  • healthy foods ( with the odd guilty pleasure )
  • requests listened to, sourced and then delivered
  • regular delivery schedule
  • stock management
  • perishable goods ( such as milk and yoghurts ) being replenished and monitored
  • a clear invoicing and financial system
  • even servicing the coffee machines

Which is exactly the service they now receive from Office Pantry.