Coffee Machines For Your Office

Machines available to rent or purchase, making all manner of hot drinks for companies of all sizes.

All at the touch of a button.

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Coffee Machines FAQs

How easy is it to make a coffee?

For the majority of our machines, making the perfect cup of coffee is as easy as pressing a button.

For more adventurous offices, we do also provide espresso press machines just like the ones you’d see in your favourite artisan coffee shop.

What is a “Bean-To-Cup” Coffee Machine?

A Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine is one which has a built-in coffee bean grinder.

This means all you and your staff need to do is add the coffee beans (typically into the top in something called a hopper) and the machine takes care of the rest to dispense you your perfect fresh coffee all at the touch of a button.

It is very popular with offices as it creates a fresh consistent coffee with minimal input. The wizardry inside does the rest meaning you receive coffee shop quality coffee without the need for intensive training or the requirement to grow a Barista’s moustache.

What is an Espresso Machine?

An Espresso Machine requires training to make a coffee - which makes it less popular within offices.

It requires the user to grind their own coffee beans (typically with a coffee grinder, also something we can provide), before they start the machine’s pour process. You’ll see Espresso Machines in any artisan coffee shop worth it’s £4 flat white charge.

We can provide on-site training for this machine, and it is typically reserved for the more adventurous.

What is a Pod Coffee Machine?

A Pod Coffee Machine is one which produces a coffee after the user inserts a ‘pod capsule’ into the machine before pressing the ‘go’ button.

Typically reserved for smaller offices for whom the Bean-To-Cup machine might be a little too much to handle, these machines rose to popularity in households after George Clooney’s Nespresso advertising charm gripped the nation. The environmental impacts of the pod capsules mean that we’ll encourage you to choose a Bean-To-Cup machine for your office wherever possible.

Do you provide Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee and/or Coffee Pods?

Yes - all from brilliant British roasters

How does the machine get the milk to make my latte?

We provide machines both with fresh or powdered milk options (fresh is the most popular).

There is a fridge unit which we attach to the machine for the fresh milk, and once installed the machine handles the rest. The milk will require topping up by either you, your team, or your staff (takes about 14 seconds) when it runs out, and cleaning every night (best handled by your cleaning team).

PS - we deliver both fresh milk and alternative milks too…

What payment options are there for these Machines?

You can either rent the machine(s) on a weekly or quarterly rental, or purchase outright.

Do you provide coffee machine making training?

Yes - we provide training on the first day when installing, and further training can always be provided.

How do you ensure our coffee machine is set up to make a perfect coffee in our office?

During the install, our engineer will go through a whole host of set up procedures, including analysing your coffee bean blend and water quality, to ensure the machine is configured uniquely to your office environment.

How many cups of coffee should our machine be able to make per day?

A rough rule of thumb to work out the coffee machine recommended capacity is to take the number of staff you have, minus 10%, then times by 2.

E.G. 100 staff = 90 x 2 = 180 cups per day

What happens if our machine breaks?

We have a wide range of coffee servicing plans - meaning your machine will be serviced and fixed within 24 hours. If you do not take out a plan, then all machines have a 1-year warranty.

Depending on your requirement, we can add weekend cover too.

How easy is the machine to clean, and where do we get the cleaning products from?

You can purchase all of your cleaning products directly from Office Pantry, or you can add the cleaning purchase annual package to ensure you have all of your required products delivered on a pre-set schedule.

Can our machine make anything other than coffee?

That depends. Lots of our machines can produce hot water (for teas) or make hot chocolates, again at the touch of a button.

Our patent is still pending on the integrated shoe-shining and payroll administering Coffee Machine though. Watch this space (but perhaps best not to hold your breath whilst you do).

How good is the coffee?

Joking aside, our coffee is well and truly excellent.

If you’d like us to arrange a coffee machine demo, spec out your office - perhaps you have multiple floors and/or meeting room areas which might require additional machines including drip or filter coffee - or just want to chat about your favourite brew, give us a call.

You won’t be disappointed.