Office Pantry delivers craft beer, by the case

So you can surprise and delight your team with craft beer, any day of the week, to make your team happy

How it Works


We take 4 Breweries per month

selecting 1 unique beer from each brewery weekly

office beer delivery - Office Pantry

delivering cases of 12 craft beers to your desk.

Craft breweries include:

Craft Beer FAQs

How much does delivery cost?

Deliveries are free 👌

Apart from when we're making a one-off delivery, in which case it is up to our team to use their discretion.

When do the beers get delivered?

We deliver during working business hours, on every working day.

What's in the Beer Snack Pack?

The snack pack will contain 50 snacks, designed to compliment your beers - for just £40.

We're talking nuts, salted nuts, biltong, crisps (even sweet potato), some chips, and even some fruit jerky as a palate curveball - it'll take care of your team's munchies.

How frequently do deliveries arrive?

You can set the schedule - either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Can you deliver beer to my office in Scotland or Wales?

Absolutely we can 👍

In fact, we deliver everywhere in Britain.