Wanting to increase your Workplace Wellbeing Charter application's Healthy Eating section? Looking to enhance your staff's wellbeing? 

Office Pantry is for you - we help companies make their work places a happier one for their staff.


What do we do?

We deliver seasonal fruit, milk and snacks to offices nationwide.

Delivering on a schedule to suit you, tailored to your staff.


Who do Office Pantry deliver to in Britain?


How it Works

Picking the freshest food

seasonal fruit office delivery

Seasonal Fruit and British Snacks at their finest

delivering to your office(s)

fruit office staff wellbeing

during the working week

making your staff happy.

staff fruit delivery benefits
Bristol - office snack delivery

Britishgrandmother-approved snacks

Tailored just for your office

Honesty Box or Free Snacks model

The vending machine for 2016 people

Bristol - office fruit deliveries

Seasonal, fresh fruit

50 pieces per box

offering fresh milk

free delivery


Prices starting from £20

on a schedule to suit you, tailored to your staff.


Fuel productivity, enhance employee wellbeing and enable your staff to eat healthy. 

No fixed contracts, delivered on your schedule.