Christmas hamper for staff

In November 2014, the Associated Press approached Office Pantry with a challenge to create a hangover cure pack to be delivered to their 300 London staff the day after the Christmas Party. They were looking for witch doctors...

The Christmas period costs the UK economy £66.5m due to absenteeism and unproductivity from staff the day after the Christmas party.
— Norwich Union Healthcare

The AP is an independent not-for-profit news organisation. It's 3,400 staff across 280 locations cover all the world's news. They are renowned for their photo journalism, winning 31 photo Pulitzers and 51 in total. Distinguished.

The Christmas Party was held at a local venue, and went on well into the early hours of the following morning. The AP management team were on the look out for something they had never done before, gifting their staff a final note of thanks as a reward for a fantastic 2014.

41% of people think food makes the best corporate gift
— Seamless, A Pat On The Back survey
christmas staff perk

Come December, Office Pantry delivered a number of wooden Christmas Pantries with a message crafted from the CEO for all of the AP staff.

There were a number of guilty pleasures, as well as talk-about-able foods and health revitalising items to remind those who had perhaps one tipple too many the night before that life is worth living. It was a hit.


✓ Personalised Gift Message

✓ Luxurious Foods and Revitalising Tea

✓ Bespoke Purpose - Client Gift or Hangover Cure