Monthly Surprises For Your Staff

An optional bolt-on to make your team smile, seasonally themed, and delivered once a month.

Previous months include:

October's Monthly Surprise Pumpkins.png
November's Monthly Surprise Toffee Apples
March's Monthly Surprise Toffee Daffodils.png
April's Monthly Surprise Easter Chocolate.png

How it Works

You tell us your number of staff

How many staff.png

including allergens

We arrange the surprise

Surprise Arranged.png

notifying you a couple days before delivery

And delight your staff

Happy Staff.png

watch out for the smiles

All for just £2.50 + VAT per person, per month

Monthly Surprise FAQs

How many Surprises are there each month?

There is one surprise delivered on one day each month.

How many of my staff will receive a Surprise?

There will be at least one item for each staff member in your office.

Based on the information you give us and the number of individuals you have signed up for the surprise.

Why do I need to tell you about staff allergens?

Some of the surprises might contain gluten, dairy, nuts etc. By telling us your team members’ allergens, we’ll ensure that there is a suitable item for everyone, labelled accordingly.

Is it always a food item?

No - sometimes it will be a drink, sometimes it will be a non-edible item. Although it will always be individually ‘portioned’ - so to speak.

What about staff Birthdays?

Give us a call to discuss this in further detail…