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Creating top quality fruit juice drinks with boundless passion, care and knowledge.

For nearly twenty-five years, Frobishers has taken the best quality fruit, from the world’s top producers, to create juices that are uncompromising in taste and standard.

Today, the quality of the juices is reflected in the reputation of those that stock them. Frobishers supplies to the nation’s top award-winning hotels, restaurants and bars and has long-standing partnerships with specialist drink wholesalers, Michelin star chefs and revered head bartenders.


Frobishers is based in beautiful Exeter, Devon

It should be no surprise to you then that Office Pantry, with our outstanding taste for only the best drinks and snacks around, is also amongst the discerning fan base of Frobishers juices.

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We currently stock seven of the Frobishers award-winning juice range, including;

  • smooth and rich tomato juice, made using deliciously sweet Spanish tomatoes and a Great Taste Award Gold Star winner;

  • sweet and zingy grapefruit juice, also sourced from Spain and patron of the Great Taste stamp;

  • Crisp and cloudy apply juice, usually a blend of Golden Delicious, Gala and Cox apples taken from the best orchards around the world.

Don’t say we don’t treat you right. Turn away from those nasty, concentrated juice cartons. Pick Frobishers, and discover top quality, delicious, and 100% Grandmother approved juices —> make them part of next week’s order here.

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✓ Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

✓ 100% Natural Ingredients

✓ No Artificial Flavourings

✓ Grandmother Approved

✓ Keep the office classy

✓ Award-winning Tastes

✓ Fancy glass bottles