Withy King office snacks

In December 2013, the Office Pantry founders wanted to test and see if there was a market for tasty, independent foods in offices. One of the very first companies we knocked on the door of was legal-firm Withy King.

50% of staff leave the office for 20 minutes every day in search of a snack when they get hungry

Withy King is an established solicitors with nine offices across the UK. They are a 'UK 200' law firm with an annual turnover of £18m and around 300 members of hungry, hard-working staff. 

The firm has a track record of providing a fantastic working environment for their staff. In January 2014, Withy King proved this by being shortlisted for The Sunday Times' 'Top 100 Best Companies To Work For' guide. They were ranked 58th in the Mid-Size company category.


Withy King uses the honesty box model. It saves their staff time from leaving the office on a snack hunt, and keeps them energised throughout the day with the snacks they love.


Being ‘hangry’ can drastically influence our decision-making ability. In fact people are comparatively 62% more likely to get things wrong, and 40% more irritable.
— Dr Christy Fergusson

office pantry employee engagement

In March 2015 The Sunday Times released their 'Top 100 Best Companies To Work For' list, and Withy King once again made the shortlist.

This year, with an even further emphasis on staff engagement and having had Office Pantry deliveries to their staff for 12 months, Withy King ranked 42nd. A 16 place improvement.