Tea Huggers Tea

- feel good teas

Tea Huggers is a range of super tasting teas with the sole purpose of making our customers feel fantastic.

We’ve used the UK’s top master tea blender to create a range of 12 high quality teas -all packed with the best quality ingredients. All our teas have been created for every moment of the day - for an energy boost at the start of the day to a soothing caffeine-free blend before bedtime.

The Tea Huggers Story

The story of our business ironically starts with a big coffee addiction.

Tea Huggers founder, Esther, used coffee as a crutch to get her through long days while working in London.

However shortly after Esther's coffee addiction took hold her immune system took a tumble and she caught four bouts of tonsillitis on the trot. 


Based in Bath

To improve her immune system Esther swapped coffee for herbal tea and she saw huge improvements in her health. Her sleep improved, stress levels reduced, her skin glowed and most importantly she never caught tonsillitis again. 

Tea Huggers was borne out of passion for health and tea.

Tea Huggers' Success

Their delicious tea blends have now won a total of 9 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards - the highest accolade in the food and drinks industry.

They now sell a mixture of caffeine free and caffeinated teas to an army of tea fans across the UK via shops including Selfridges, Jamie Olivers, Partridges and 200 delis and health food shops.

Why drink Tea Huggers?

Award winning tea blends created from high quality ingredients for every need you can possibly imagine during the day makes for happy tea drinkers.

What’s the Tea Huggers range?

  • Magic Breakfast – our premium English Breakfast tea
  • Earl of Bath - our tasty Earl Grey blend with rose petals and lemongrass
  • Good Morning – our energising yerba mate blend
  • Chill Out – our relaxing and fruity chamomile blend
  • Flu Fighter – our fruity blend with extra Echinacea
  • Skinny Fit - our refreshing oolong blend
  • Lean and Green – a green tea, beetroot and coconut blend
  • Ever Green – our gorgeous green tea blend
  • Detox – bursting with peppermint and liquorice and good vibes
  • Guilt-Free Choccie β€“ for when you need a chocolate hit without the calories
  • Hangover Help – a sweet chai for the morning after the day before
  • Good Night – a perfect caffeine free blend to relax you before bed

βœ“ Vegan Friendly

βœ“ British Produced

βœ“ No Artificial Flavourings

βœ“ Grandmother Approved

βœ“ No Artificial Colourings

βœ“ Tastes Damn Good

Producer: Esther Thompson

Produced in: Bath