Electric Bear Brewing

Week I: Edison - British Pilsner

Week II: Persuasion - Golden Ale

Week III: Elemental - Crystal Rye IPA

Week IV: Livewire - American IPA

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The Electric Bear Story

Bath has had a long historical association with beer brewing. 

In fact the name of this brewery is inspired by the old Bear Brewery which used to stand on the corner of the Wellsway in the Bear Flat area of town (South Bath - where one of our founders Giles used to live during his student days). Sadly the Brewery is no longer with us following a WWII Baedeker bombing raid in April 1942.

The word Electric from their name derives from how this team powers their brewhouse kettle. 


Location: Bath

(In case you are wondering, the brewhouse kettle is the iconic copper vessel used to boil the wort during brewing. 

Again in case you're wondering, wort is the liquid removed from during the brewing of beer which contains the sugars used during the fermentation process to produce alcohol.)

The iconic blue logo comes from the fact the Electric Bear team just knows what looks really, really good.

Electric Bear Brewing Beer Tasting - Office Pantry.jpg
Electric Bear Brewing brewery team Office Pantry.jpg

The brewery was originally set up in 2015 to give these beer hobbyists an escape from their small garage, which had no running water or drainage. What started out as a home-brewing venture, with people dashing in and out of the house whenever a water run was required, is now a 5,000 square foot space.

At the same time Guillermo Alvarez, a third-generation brewer whose uncle helped develop the Corona brand, joined as Head Brewer for Electric Bear.

Shortly the team be launching canned beers and releasing their first Saison beer called 'Phase One', so keep an eye out for those.

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Founder: Chris Lewis

Head Brewer: Guillermo Alvarez

Brewed in: Bath