Brixton Brewery

Week I: Windrush Stout

Week II: Effra Ale

Week III: Reliance Pale Ale

Week IV: Low Voltage IPA

The Brixton Brewery Story

Brixton Brewery is one of London’s newer breweries, brewing beer in the heart of one of London’s most colourful and famous neighbourhoods - Brixton.

Being founded by two local couples, Jez & Libby and Mike & Xochitl, their beer passion started after meeting in a local local (the old Hive Bar for those in the area) while bonding over newborn baby stories and a shared dream of opening a local brewery.

In 2013 these four beer lovers founded an independent brewery inside an old railway arch. Since then, they've brought back flavourful beer into production in Brixton once again, for those who appreciate distinctive beers.

In keeping a local focus, they are able to make more than half of their deliveries on food within the local area to shops and restaurants.


Location: Brixton, London

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The Beer

Brixton Brewery beer is hand crafted in small batches.

They use traditional techniques and ingredients whilst adding a dash of New World flavours for a distinctive flavour. Although rooted in British tradition, inspiration comes from both American and Europe. 

All of the beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised.

The core range includes:

  • Atlantic APA
  • Effra Ale (Featured Week II)
    • brewed using hops grown less than 1km from the brewer door by Brixton's own Urban Hop Growers
  • Electric IPA
  • Reliance Pale Ale (Featured Week III)
  • Windrush Stout (Featured Week I)

They also have a number of limited edition beers such as Low Voltage Session IPA (Featured Week IV), the lower ABV sister to the Electric IPA. 

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✓ Office Culture Friendly

✓ British Brewed

✓ Snack Complimenter

✓ Grandfather Approved

✓ No Nasty Ingredients

✓ Tastes Damn Good

Brewers: Jez & Libby and Mike & Xochitl

Produced in: London