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Just Live a Little produce the best granola superflapjacks and granola pots I've ever tasted.

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The Story

Just Live a Little was started by Jill & David in a little farmhouse beside Strangford Lough, in Northern Island. But before this happened, David was working at a yoghurt company, and Jill would join him on the market stall selling the yoghurt in Belfast every Saturday. 


The problem Jill and David discovered was that the yoghurt was a bit too tart to eat by itself, so they started baking granola to go alongside it. 

The people of Belfast loved the granola, and Jill and David had to start baking on week nights and all weekend to make sure everyone got the granola they wanted. In fact, it got so popular that the owner and head chef of Hastings Hotels asked Just Live a Little to be their only supplier of granola. 

Demand was so high that baking granola in the kitchen was just not going to work. So the couple turned their shed into a small bakery. They even started packaging the granola and sold it to stores. This was a good move, and now their granola reaches as far as Dubai and Hong Kong!

And guess what? The granola is still baked in David and Jill's shed.


Just Live a Little Products

Granola Pots -  Eat on its own or add a little milk or yoghurt, there's a spoon provided and space for adding your topping. Who ever knew how easy granola could be to eat in the office?
The flavours? Whole Almond, Cranberry & Cashew, and Strawberry. 

Superflapjacks - The super combo of an irresistible and healthy flapjack.
The flavours? Yogurtberry (seed and berry with a yoghurt topping), and Fruit Chew (which packs in bananas, cranberries, sultanas, dates and apricots). 

granola pots
Just Live a Little granola flapjacks

✓ Vegetarian Friendly

✓ Grandmother Approved


Produced In:


Jill and David Crawford

Northern Ireland