Why office fruit deliveries are vital for your work place in 2015

Office fruit box deliveries are perfect for the work place.

A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?
— Albert Einstein
office fruit box delivery london

We all know the importance of retaining and attracting key talent to your company. Not only that, but as 90% of your company’s operating costs comes directly from staff, it is vital to optimise their efficiency wherever possible.

And if you can do it by kicking out the vending machine and reducing your carbon dioxide footprint then even better.

Here are the key things to remember:

1.  Invest in Employee Development

To retain and attract the best people, companies are investing huge resource into employee career development programmes for their employees. Mentoring opportunities and management training schemes are particularly popular, and key to inspire and motivate employees.

If you can make their lives a little bit better by offering them time-saving, healthy treats, then even better.

After all if you are making the individuals within your firm happy and allowing them to grow, then the high performers won’t have their heads turned by other opportunities.

2.  Values Come From Management

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Companies know creating and maintaining a healthy workplace culture is paramount to a successful and healthy firm. Taking the time to ensure the management reflect your business’ core values will mean that they lead by example. It sets the tone for everyone else.

If you see the CEO eschewing a donut and grabbing a juicy red Pink Lady apple, then the good health vibes will spread.

3.  Health – you only have one body

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You only have one car that you drive to work in, and you tend to make doubly sure every day that you don’t put diesel in your petrol engine or petrol in your diesel engine right?

So just because you don’t come to a standstill at 9:30am after a breakfast of Lucky Charms pumped-up-sugar, doesn’t mean that your brain isn’t stalling. 

What you will notice is that meetings over 30 minutes induce at least one yawn, and don’t think that doesn’t go unspotted by the big wigs. 

Eat healthy and exercise to live longer and have a better life. A super simple formula right? 

4.  Sick Days – never pay

sick days in the UK

Jon Andrews of PwC found that UK companies lose 9.1 days to illness per employee.

So if the average wage in the company is £30,000 and you have 20 employees in the team, that’ll cost your business £20,999.16 in lost wages per year. That is almost a whole other person.

But how does this impact on you? Well have you ever had a good day at work when your colleague, direct report or subordinate is on a sick day? 

No I hear you say? You have to work extra hard to cover for them? You don’t get everything you need to do done and have a stressful day? One person can’t do two people’s job? 

No way man!

Probably best to give everyone some healthy fuel for the tank in that case, to create a good atmosphere to work in, and do everything possible to get those 9.1 days down.

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