Desk Friendly Fruit Deliveries for the Office

Fruit Delivery London - Office Pantry

I love fruit.

I love fruit even more when it’s in plentiful supply, and it’s free.

That’s probably why I love where I work, at Office Pantry’s HQ, because we have free fruit boxes.

Free fruit is the best office perk I can think of – it’s simply awesome.

But why do I love it?

Because I get to stay healthy, without the hassle of planning my day around eating. I don’t have to strategise as to where I’m going to get some healthy foods or worry about waking up extra early to prepare something myself before I go to work.

That’s probably why it’s so easy to eat badly, because unhealthy food lasts forever (because of all the bad preservative stuff in it) so it is super easy for shops and vending machines to stock them. Which is why it is everywhere.

Anyway, I digress. I love all fruit.

All fruit you say?

OK – you got me. I’m a contradiction.

I love eating all fruit but I absolutely hate preparing all fruits. It’s just a hassle.

When I’m at home on a Sunday for example my diet is quite different from what it is at 11am on a Monday whilst sat at my desk at work. I’m guessing you’re the same.

What I love, when I’m at work, is a piece of desk friendly fruit. Something I can pick up, eat, feel the happy vitamin vibes coursing through my system, and not have to worry about ruining my keyboard.

Even worse is when you have sticky hands and you get introduced to someone you haven’t met before.

messy fruit hands

So what is a desk-friendly piece of fruit?

A desk friendly piece of fruit is one you can eat quickly, with limited mess. In fact, I class a fruit, desk friendly, if you consume it within 3 steps:

  1. Peel the fruit with your hands (if necessary)
  2. Eat the fruit
  3. Throw the remains away

Apples, bananas, pears and even clementines all pass this test.

Most of the time I look to avoid step 1 as well. I know there’s such thing as a grape peeler, but hopefully you won’t ever need one…

Office Pantry Fruit Boxes

office pantry fruit box

As you have probably worked out by now, user-friendly fruit is a real pet peeve of mine. When I’m at work, I want simple food, and desk-friendly fruit.

In fact so much so that we make sure all the fruit we deliver passes the 3 steps above so you can enjoy it whilst at your desk.

           Garry the Guava is green with envy.

           Garry the Guava is green with envy.

I’ve heard too many fruit horror stories from companies that break my heart. Companies have collected their Abel & Cole fruit boxes from their front doorsteps, only to find a pineapple, a mango and/or a guava in their box. Just what are they supposed to do with that?!?

And think of the poor fruit that goes uneaten and wasted *tear*, how do they feel? All because it’s just not practical for the office. Garry the Guava – stuck in your office – must be green with envy whilst thinking of how Gabriella is getting on.

What doesn’t pass the desk-friendly test?

Passion Fruit

Without doubt a super food. Sumptuous, packed with goodness and a taste of moorish fantasatic-ness, these juicy devils require some substantial prep work to get into that heavenly inner sanctum. 

How to eat a Passion Fruit?

  1. Get a knife and chopping board
  2. Cut in half
  3. Get a spoon
  4. Spoon out and eat the insides
  5. Throw away peel

This might not seem too bad, but this is 2 steps and 3 implements too many for us. 

In other words, perfect for the weekend.

how to open a coconut - Office Pantry


These little numbers are best left for the fare ground coconut shy in my book.

Especially when it’s been said to get inside a coconut you need either a screwdriver, a saw, a drill or a hammer. I don’t think there’s any need for screwing, drilling or hammering in the office – unless you’re drunk at the Christmas Party (did I just say that?).

Having said that, here are our 7 steps and a video of how to eat, should one drop from the sky and find itself in your office.

How to eat a coconut?

  1. Get tools (your choice by you’ll at least need a screwdriver, a hammer or a machete
  2. Pierce coconut
  3. Drain coconut water into glass
  4. Cut coconut in half
  5. Get spoon
  6. Spoon out and eat white flesh
  7. Throw away the nut

Best eaten: on a desert island in distressed circumstances – see Tom Hanks in Castaway for full details.


Thanks for showing us Matthew. One or two tools used there in your Hawaiian paradise - good for you *gritted teeth*

How to eat a pineapple - Office Pantry


Sometimes mistaken for a new office plant delivery, these foliage heavy fruits are golden in both taste and mess rating. Gold stars all round then

How to eat a pineapple?

  1. Get a knife and chopping board
  2. Cut off top and bottom
  3. Cut away the skin
  4. Remove the “eyes”
  5. Slice’n’dice
  6. Eat the fruit – with a fork or napkin to hand
  7. Throw away peel

This is, simply put, not a dainty fruit. In fact you wouldn’t find a pineapple near any of Jane Austin’s novels and Mr Darcy certainly wouldn’t have been caught dead eating such an extravagant fruit in public - where preparation was required.

A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?
— Albert Einstein

What fruit do you find easiest to eat at your desk and which do you confine to the weekends?