Fruit-infused water creations to drink at work today

Water is boring
— Josh Barlow

Not drinking much water in the office? Then you’re probably like me and find water pretty boring. 

The reason I make myself drink enough each day is because I know it has so many benefits: 

•    It keeps my skin hydrated – stopping it get flakey and dry
•    It regulates body temperature – I’m told…
•    It protects my vital organs – because they’re a big deal

healthy water fruit drinks

So what if I were to tell you that you can make water taste less boring whilst making it even better for you at the same time? What if I also told you it can be made easily - where you spend most of your time - in the office?

Hopefully you’re thinking I’m crazy but I’m not. Here’s why:

  1. It is super simple to make
  2. It tastes really, really good
  3. It helps you

It is hard to refute those three points isn't it - but how do you actually go about helping yourself on that three point plan.

What do you need?

  1. Assemble a mixture of fruits and herbs 
  2. Get yourself a water bottle (500 ml ideally)
  3. Access to an office fridge
  4. Your mouth

All you need to do is follow our recipes below, add the mixtures together, place in your fridge, wait two hours and drink like a water god as people call you Poseidon.

I’d suggest having a couple of water bottles so you can make them in a batch when you get into work, saving yourself time later in the day.

Here are four simple concoctions for four problems you might have:

Getting rid of bloating – Citrus Sensation

water with citrus

•    500ml water
•    1/4 lemon, sliced
•    A couple of slices of cucumber
•    A few mint leaves

Put all these together, give it a shake, then leave to infuse in the fridge. You’ll be the envy of the office (and feeling pretty darn good) in no time.

Need help relaxing? – Strawberry Pineapple Cooler

water with strawberries

•    500ml water
•    3 strawberries, crushed
•    1/8 cup pineapple, crushed
•    A sage leaf

Don’t skimp on the sage leaf. It might sound a little la-di-da but it has some awesome properties to sooth your mind, body and mental wellbeing.

Help fight ageing – Berry-Berry Blast

water with pomegranate

•    500ml water
•    ¼ cup of blackberries
•    ¼ cup of blueberries
•    ½ cup of pomegranate seeds

The antioxidants, particularly prevalent in the pomegranate, are what really takes the fight to ageing. You’ll be looking like Macaulay Culkin, in the Home Alone years, with one bottle of this good stuff a day in no time at all.

Boost metabolism – Tangerine weight-away

water with orange

•    500ml brewed green tea
•    ¼ tangerine, sliced
•    A few mint leaves

On a diet? This drink’s great for helping with weight loss. Also, you get to drink some stupendous green tea so that’s really rather lovely isn’t it? 

So there you have it. Four tip top drinks for your workplace tomorrow. 

Let us know if you make any additions to our suggestions, and we’ll run them by our nutritionist to see just how healthy you are.