Give Snacks, Get Cake

Give snacks, get cake.

It can’t be that simple right?

You’re telling me that if I give someone some snacks, I’ll be given cake? Enough cake to share with my friends at work too? There must be a BIG catch to get that treat.


Just like you, I was told by my parents that:

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
— All Parents

Now my parents are truly great people. I have listened to them throughout my life, taking on board plenty of their fantastic advice. They mean the world to me.

So when we at Office Pantry decided to deliver free cake to anyone that refers us to a friend in another office, someone mentioned that “it sounds too good to be true”. Remembering what our parents taught us we felt we had to make sure you see this offer from our side so you understand why it’s a good deal for everyone.

How it works

The way it works is this:

1.  You tell us your friend’s name and contact details

We’ll send them a note to find out who the right person is to speak about Office Pantry in their company.

you give snacks, you get cake

2.  They get snacks

Once their company makes any order with us, they’ll receive our super snacks. Your friend will be super happy as he or she will be well fed, and they’ll think fondly of you for putting the two of us in touch.

get cake for referring friends

3.  You get cake

We’ll thank you by coming by your office with a lovely cake for you to sink your teeth into, or a fork first if you’re feeling fancy.


Do you now have cake on your mind?

Why it’s a good deal for you

Do I need to say it again – you get cake!

referring is quick and easy

It also only takes 34 seconds.

(Yes I did just time it.)

So for 3 seconds of pondering about which of your friends are hungry at work and 31 seconds of typing, you get cake.

Risk: Your Reputation

One of the big risks with passing details of someone else is your reputational risk. A recommendation is personal. It has your name on it and we get that.

bad news bears

For example if you tell Little Jimmy that x is really good and y is rubbish, and it turns out that x’s poor service means Jimmy goes to company y who do an awesome job, then Little Jimmy won’t think much of your opinion. That would be bad news bears – we understand and share your concern.

That's why we make sure to continue to deliver our excellent service.

Here is two bits of evidence to allay your fears.

1.    You know what we do

You have already tasted the fruits of Office Pantry, so to speak, as we already deliver to your office. You know we deliver delicious, wholesome, grandmother-approved snacks. You know we source the best fruit. You know we source the best teas, coffees and biscuits in all of the land. You know we deliver goodness for good people. No risk here then.

2.    Lots of people like what we do too

You may not be so aware of this one, but other people love what we do too.

How do we know this?

Well each and every week we ask our offices to give us feedback. I have just trawled through all of our data, going back to the very first day when we asked to be rated and, drum roll please, our average rating is:

8.34 / 10

I have to admit, we were chuffed to bits when we saw the 8.34 / 10 score. I may have even done a fist pump to myself as this verifies our offices love what we do.

This also means that if you don’t have Office Pantry in your office, you can rely on the fact that if ATP World TourDeloitte and Karen Millen believe we deliver awesome value, you can too.

Why it’s a good deal for us 

We want to be really transparent with why this is as good for us as it is for you.

 1.  We get to give you cake

If you can reach you then we will visit you in person. Not only do we get to brush up our baking skills (making Mary Berry proud) but we also get to meet you, shake your hand, say “thanks” and connect face to face. We don’t get to do this nearly as often as we’d like to and maybe we can even help you. Whether it's connecting you with one of our other businesses who can help you out, or just kicking around an idea, we'll do what we can. 

2.  We get to give you and your office cake

You and your office will know that the cake came from us. We think this will build our brand equity with you, so we better make sure it’s damn good cake.

3.  We get a new customer

Because you put in a good word with your friend about us, we get to welcome in a new office. That means we can pay the rent, eat dinner and go on a bike ride at the weekend. It’s the small pleasures in life. 

4.  We get a new customer from a friend

It’s the way we like to do business - growing with friends.


We’d love to deliver you some of our hand-made cake after having a recommendation from you.

We’d also love to have a new office to fuel. It gets us one step closer to our mission of enabling everyone in an office to eat better and not suffer from the hunger grumbles at the hands of the vending machine.

So in just 34 seconds you can give a friend snacks and receive some cake for a job well done.

Does that sound too good to be true to you? I hope so.