Monday Morning Blues? Week 2

It is the first day of the week; let’s make it a fantastic Monday morning. Week 2.


It’s 7:25. You’re all over Step 1 from last week so you’re out of bed in the flashes of flashes.

Just like Rocky...

Now that you’re up (hydrated) and at 'em, you need to get your body up to speed as quickly as possible. The sooner you’re on form you the more of the day you’ll have to benefit from.

Last week we talked about the importance of water, daylight and that pesky alarm clock.

This week we’ll give you 3 more simple steps to nail your Monday mornings.

Step 1: Fuel

best breakfast food to eat in the morning? protein eggs

What you put into your car matters. If you put sugar into the engine, you’re going to have a bad start. In fact, your car probably won’t start at all.

So why would you put sugar into your own engine to start your day?

What you need is fuel. And the best fuel there is for our bodies is protein. Protein not only fills you up, but it also gets your whole body up and running. It’s like super premium unleaded, you’ll go on and on.

Step 2: Exercise

exercise in the morning benefits

Being active is a great way to start the day. Best done one hour after waking, exercise will stimulate endorphins to course through your body and give you more energy.

Going for a run or hitting the gym is the ultimate option, but you can equally get your body going by doing some simple push ups in your bedroom or even walking to work.

Walking is an often overlooked form of exercise, however just a 10 minute walk has been found to elevate moods and even give you a natural 18% energy boost. You even save on the bus fare too. Win:win.

Once you’re at work, consider taking the stairs instead of the lift wherever possible. We Brits spend an average of 14 hours and 39 minutes sitting down so this is a great way to inject some physical activity into your day. A study even found that by saying “no” to the lift for 12 weeks, the average person increases their lung capacity by 8.6%, trims their waist by 1.8% and blood pressure lowers by 2.3%.

Step 3: Have Fun

benefit of play of work workplace

Having fun gives you plenty of positive energy. It’ll make you eager to start your day, rid you of any anxieties and give you that spring in your step.

Creativity is intelligence having fun
— Albert Einstein

The science behind play says you’ll stimulate brain function, reduce stress and increases your overall engagement making you 50% more productive.

In other words, you’ll be happy.


So now you have six top tips to be happy, healthy and productive.

1.    Drink plenty of water

2.    See the sunlight to aid your natural circadian rhythm

3.    Wake up to your alarm

4.    Eat right

5.    Do some small exercise every day

6.    Enjoy yourself and smile

These are very achievable goals to achieve every day. If you succeed then this recipe will enhance your wellbeing and making you happier happier.

What habit do you have which makes you happier?