Office Fruit Deliveries - London, Bristol, Bath and Southampton - now delivering

Looking for fruit box deliveries to the office?

Well look no further with our fabulous fruit boxes. Delivered to your office, with fresh milk, for just £20 per box.

fruit box deliveries office

Fruit deliveries you say?

That's right, fresh fruit deliveries. 

We now deliver fruit boxes to offices in London, Southampton, Bournemouth, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Brighton and all other locations across the South of England. Our beta testing period is done and it is now live for one and all. The fantastic news is our boxes have been incredibly popular too.

Oh and did we mention all of the fruit is desk friendly? No whole coconuts with a "good luck" message will be delivered on our watch.

A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?
— Albert Einstein

How does it work?

Much the same as our office snack deliveries, we deliver on an ad-hoc or regular basis to you and your office.

We deliver a wooden fruit crate free of charge with the first delivery. Each week, or however frequently you would like it, we then deliver the freshest fruit in a cardboard box.

On arrival, you simply take your box and slide it inside your wooden crate. Nice and simple.

What happens once all the fruit is gone? Well you simply take out the cardboard box (recycling it of course if you're a good egg) and await your next delivery.

Why are we doing this?

About four months ago, our customers were telling us time and time again that they wanted fresh fruit deliveries.

We listened.

Now we deliver fruit to everywhere south of the northernmost point of the M25. If you draw a horizontal line across the UK, that is our fruit reach.

office pantry fruit delivery

If you live north of this area then you're probably a bit frustrated by this. 

Well you aren't alone. We are pretty frustrated too that we aren't delivering nationwide as yet. The good news is we have our team working tirelessly to make this nationwide dream of ours a reality. So fingers crossed come 2016 we'll even be delivering as far afield as the Isle of Skye.

( Incidentally if there is anything you'd love for your office, please let us know and we'll make it happen )

Where does the fruit come from?

fruit for the office - delivered straight from the farm

We source our fruit from around the world.

We are at the biggest fruit markets in Britain buying your fruit in the wee hours of the morning. We don't mean as late as 6am with the tardy larks, we're scouting the good stuff from 1 am in the morning to make sure we get the best fruit the very moment it arrives at market - and no, we're not kidding. 1am. 

Although you might be a little disappointed the fruit doesn't all come from your local farm down the road, you may have noticed Old MacDonald never had any bananas growing on his farm.

So because some fruits, such as those very bananas, are so popular with everyone, we have to go abroad to find them. Rest assured though, we make every effort to source British grown fruits whenever they are in season.

There are some advantages...

to our worldwide sourcing, and that is you get the best and freshest fruit.

This means that a banana will have been minding its own business, sunning itself on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. Then...CAPOW!

banana - fruit delivery for the office

Ben the Banana has been plucked and suddenly finds himself on a plane on his way to Britain. It has happened so fast he hasn't even had time to sort out his passport or go through airport security. Luckily we know that he has nothing to hide as Ben the Banana is just that, a banana with nothing to hide.

A couple hours later, Ben's made his way from Costa Rica and is at the market, hoping beyond hope that someone nice will pick him up.

That's where you come in. Having placed an order with us, we pick your fruit specifically for your office. This means Ben finds himself a lovely new home, and you get the best fruits for your team.

So from Costa Rica to your desk in 24 hours. Not bad huh?


Would you like a fruit box in your office? Click here to find the plan for you now.