Producer Stories: Hectares sweet potato crisps

Hectares sweet potato crisps are carefully made, just for you.

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The Hectares Crisps' Story

In early 2013, Kevin Harvie, founder of Hectares, was staring glumly. He was sitting at his desk at the accountancy firm where we worked looking at the empty packet of crisps that lay before him.

He was glum because he loved sweet potato and was disappointed that he always had to put up with their fried white cousins. He just wanted some sweet potato crisps.

So being a #GoDo-er, Kevin went to work. Over the summer he started experimenting with sweet potato from his kitchen in Glasgow.

In November, Kevin was confident that he had perfected the recipe for sweet potato crisps and Hectares was born. He resigned his job, and is now a full-time sweet potato crisps evangelist.

Kevin's mission is to convert 1% of the UK's white potato crisp eaters (that's 6 billion packs a year) to Hectares sweet potato crisps.

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Why Sweet Potato?

Sweet potato tastes great and is packed of with goodness. They're full of:

  • Antioxidants - slows ageing and great for all-round health
  • Fibre - lowers cholesterol and heart disease (and keeps you regular)
  • Vitamin A - for healthy eyes and skin
  • Beta-carotene - only found in coloured veg which unlocks Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C - to boost the immune system
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Hectares are an important, healthy part of your balanced snack diet.

Producer: Kevin Harvie

Produced in: England

✓ All Natural Ingredients

✓ Produce of England

✓ Grandmother Approved

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