Producer Stories: 9 Bar

9Bar: your high fibre, high nutrient and high taste bar. Or super wholesome energy goodness as we like to say.

Packed with naturally nutritious sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds, 9 Bar is perfect for office workers and sportspeople.

Taste Test at Office Pantry

9bar energy bar office where to buy

9Bar have updated their packaging and recipes, along with introducing new flavours.

As any excuse to snaffle some snacks as used at the Office Pantry office, we thought it would be a perfect time to sample the 9bar range. 

We surveyed a number of people, ranking the bars from "The Most Bestest Bar Like Ever" to "A Tasty Snack" (because let’s be honest, they’re all pretty damn delicious).

And here are our top 5 results *drum roll please*

Our favourite quotes from the tasting day:

Has that got rose in it?
— An inquisitive soul trying the Apricot & Strawberry Bar

Clearly this person was too engrossed in eating the 9bar to read the back label. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t…

It tastes like Coco Pops!
— A hungry individual eating the Cashew & Cocoa Bar

We’d say it tastes better than Coco Pops.

The Bars themselves...

mixed seed energy bar 9bar

We offer the full range of 9Bars in our snack packs.


The most-asked-for bars are: Original, Peanut, Raspberry & Almond, Cocoa & Cashew, and Chia Berry. 

The Food Science

9Bars are nutritionally dense bars (that's not to say they are stupid, just loads of energy per gram), with multiple benefits as a result of:

  • Low glycaemic index – releases energy slowly
  • High in Protein – keeps you fuller for longer
  • High in Magnesium – reduces tiredness and fatigue (especially from the pumpkin seeds)
  • High in Thiamine – helps protect and maintain energy (especially from the sunflower seeds)
  • High in Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – protects against effects of oxidative stress
  • 9 Amino Acids - Hemp Seeds contains a balance of all 9 essential amino acids *cough* hence the 9Bar name *cough*

✓ Gluten Free

✓ Vegan Friendly

✓ No trans fats

✓ No additional preservatives or colours

Good Energy, Twice The Power

eating for a good cause

9Bar not only produces super bars, but they also support SolarAid with the idea that buying a 9bar gives energy to you and energy to others. So, for every 9Bar sold, the equivalent of a night’s light is given to a child in Africa. 

Just one light has a massive impact
-    It can save a family over £130
-    It provides light for over 1000 extra hours of study
-    It eliminates half a tonne of CO2 emissions and toxic fumes

Aren't our pals at 9bar good eggs?


We'd love to know what bars you like to eat!

Leave your suggestions for the perfect healthy energy bar below. We'd absolutely love to hear your whacky concoctions.