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DAY IN THE LIFE: A delivery driver in London

DAY IN THE LIFE: A delivery driver in London

Ever wondered what an Office Pantry delivery is like when you are actually in the vans distributing snacks, fruits, drinks, milk, craft beer and more?

Follow a day-in-the-life of Chantel Blackwood, our newest team member and Wordsmith who jumped on the vans with Pete, our veteran driver to work a December's Monday delivery shift:

Are you a foodie?

Office Pantry is founded by a couple of people that can’t get enough of awesome food, but have had enough of vending machine food. We’ve been to almost every food market in Britain, we’ve been to fruit markets at 2am, and we’ve even tried cock scratchings (don’t ask).

We are very open to ideas. If you’re a foodie and would like to work with or having something to tell us, then please send a virtual carrier pigeon to the team at or to Giles at