Producer Stories: Wolfy's Porridge Pots

Wolfy's produce creamy and delicious porridge in a pot. For busy people.

porridge for the office

Wolfy's Porridge

Barbara Moinet, founder of Wolfy's Porridge, started producing her porridge pots in 2013.

The idea was born during a summer season of wet, windy, cold music festivals.

Barbara's daughter Lucy, whose business Crunchtime Catering provides food for crew, artists and security at events, was looking for something portable, tasty and warming to keep staff going through their long, cold shifts. Together they came up with the idea of porridge pots.

But a big problem was how to make them super tasty for when you want it, on your time. 

the best office breakfast - and easy to make

It was by looking at the slew of supermarket offerings that the thought of adding a little pot of jam came about. Kitchen Garden, a company Barbara started also, has been making preservatives since 1989, so when it comes to jam they know the good stuff.

After their first festival season, Barbara and Lucy developed their flavours:

  • Mocha Porridge with Maple Syrup Pot
  • Coconut Porridge with Lime Pot
  • Spiced Porridge with Pear and Ginger Pot
  • Nutty Porridge with Honey Pot
  • Creamy Porridge with Berry Pot ( our most popular! )

How to make your Wolfy's Porridge Pot:

Producer: Barbara Moinet

Produced in: Stroud

✓ All Natural Ingredients

✓ Super Creamy

✓ Grandmother Approved

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