9 ways to make your day in the office that little bit better

How to be more effective at work.

We all spend more time cooped up indoors than we would like, particularly with summer around the corner. Here are our 9 top tips to make sure you have a smile at work, are super, über productive, and create a great working environment no matter what the office mood is today. 

9bar snack bar

1)    Always have a 9Bar close to hand. It’s a jolly tasty little number after all. What's more, it’s also packed with goodness energy to fuel you through the day. As GB Olympic cyclist Ed Clancy says: “9bar breaks down slowly so doesn’t give me a sugar high which is perfect for those long hours”.

glass of water at your desk

2)    Drink plenty of water. You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated, but water keeps your body functioning perfectly whilst clensing any impurities and toxins from your body. We are also 60% made of water, so it's good to give back.

very british discuss the weather

3)    Philosophise about the weather. If you turn any trivial “golly gosh it's cold for this time of year isn't it?” statement from a colleague into a five-minute discussion about the meaning of life, you will not be asked about the weather again. Also if you talk for long enough, you're guaranteed to find some surprising common ground, meaning future conversations will be far more stimulating. 

make a phone call

4)    Call people. Talking removes any ambiguity and saves you from email tennis. As well as time, it also makes your interactions human which helps build up your personal relationship with the person on the other end of the line as well as that all-important rapport.

knock knock joke for the office

5)    Tell a joke. If you don't know any, here is a handy go-to: "Why should you never trust an atom? They make everything up" - ba dum tss.

office lunch break walk

6)    Leave the office during the lunch break & get some exercise. Scientists recently found that by taking just a 20 minute walk you fire up your brain. Upon further inspection, the left side of the brain became particularly active which is ideal for logical puzzle solving. #WalkToThink

office ice breaker

7)    Start a conversation. When you bump into a colleague in the kitchen, make a genuine effort to break the ice. A chat with someone from a different team may even provide a different on a problem you are having. After all the best ideas often come from unexpected origins.

office desk trinket

8)    Keep a trinket within eyeshot. Having a item on display reminding you what you are trying to achieve today to get back to where you want to be. If you're cyclist, keep your bike helmet handy for example.

office snacks

9)    Have an Office Pantry. Not only do you ensure that you have some British-produced and grandmother-approved snacks within reach, but you can also pick up a 9Bar so this is really a 2-in1 deal. ( Plus the big boss man would KILL us if we didn't mention our snack box. Quick buy snacks for the office now - pretty please with a 9bar on top... did it work? )

If you manage to pack all of these 9 things in, you'll have a darn good day.

What do you do to make yourself more productive at work?