Producer Stories: Soffles Pitta Chips

Soffles are a range of oven roasted pitta chips.

soffles pitta chips - healthy office snack

Soffles Pitta Chips

Sophie Harvey, Head Pitta Chipper and founder of Soffles, started producing her Pitta Chips in 2009. The chips are vegan friendly, and are made with 100% natural ingredients. 

Soffles are a unique range of oven roasted pitta chips. The four flavour range includes Spring Onion & Parmesan Cheese, Rosemary & Thyme, Wild Chilli & Garlic and Mild Chilli & Garlic.


The Story

Round at the Soffle residence there had always been a lot of dinner club goings on for pals. It turns out that Soffle’s guests liked something to munch on pretty much as soon as they walked through the door. So whilst continually heading down to the local grocery shop in Stoke Newington, it was noticed that there seemed to be rather a lot of pitta, chillies and garlic for sale. This combination together with olive oil, salt and pepper just so happens to be the perfect ingredients for a tasty snack of oven roasted pitta chips.

soffles pitta chips - office sharing snack

It came as a complete surprise but from this point life started to take shape of one big Pitta Chip - and Sophie became the chief Pitta Pusher.

Peddling the streets of London the chips first appeared in pubs to be close to their favourite friend, beer. Since then they have been added to hummus, tzatziki or simply eaten plain, these Pitta Chips go with anything.

Now the chips are oven roasted by Soffles and her crew in their new home in Tottenham. Made in the same way as the very first day; using the freshest of ingredients and the same attention to deal.

βœ“ Vegan Friendly

βœ“ No Artificial Colourings

βœ“ No Artificial Flavourings

*excluding the Spring Onion & Parmesan Cheese

Producer: Sophie Harvey

Produced in: London





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