5 Simple Evening Snack Hacks to Sleep Happy

What's the right food to eat before bed?

Evening snacking is more often than not a consequence of giving in to your cravings. Here are some cunning snacks to sate your craving, whilst being an awesome form of stealth health.

1)    Bedtime Coffee
As 74% of us Brits drink instant coffee, this is a nice and quick fix. Simply pop the kettle on and pour a sachet of decaf coffee into your mug. If you’re feeling funky, blend 1 table spoon of coconut oil, 200ml of milk, 1 tea spoon of cinnamon and ¼ of a tea spoon of chilli powder. Not only is this rich concoction now wonderfully warming, it’s also full of healthy fats which enables you to absorb vitamins like the champion you now are.

evening snacking

2) Roasted Almonds
For some of us, it’s that snacking habit which is so hard to kick. If that’s you, try some advanced planning. Almonds in particular give you protein and vitamin E which your immune system and skin will thank you for tomorrow morning. For extra health points, boil 4 table spoons of cinnamon in 200ml of water. Once this reduces down, add in your almonds, some lemon juice and 1 table spoon of honey. Bake this 15 minutes and you will have one moorish snack to hide from whomever you live you.

midnight healthy snack craving

3) Pumped Up Water
Although it might be tempting to reach for some fizzy pop, spare a thought for a glass of humble water. Water is incredibly important to us humans – in fact we’re made up of 60% of the stuff. Now if you want to jazz it up, add some of the remaining lemon you used on the almonds, perhaps with some chopped cucumber and a sprig of mint (which any passable Pimm’s chef will have as staples in their fridge) and you are away. This drink is fantastic for purging toxins, aiding your digestion and rebalancing your pH levels – the exact opposite from that fizzy pop.

evening snack craving

4) An Apple
An evening apple only contains 100 calories, which remarkably is the same calorie content as a morning or afternoon apple. Not only is it 1 of your 5 a day, but by eating it in the evening keeps your hands busy from wondering towards less healthy options. An interesting study also recently found that apples contain the compound phloridzin. Phloridzin has plenty of properties, one of which is that it keeps people…helps people to…well errrm…let’s just say it keeps the human population going.

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5) Dark Chocolate
If a sweet hit is all that will do, then some dark chocolate is for you. One of the benefits, aside from the antioxidant rich sweet goodness, is that it is chocolate in the purest form. The closest to the bean that you can snack on. Being rich in cocoa means you don’t get any nasties that are found in other watered down forms of chocolate. It’s wholesome guilty pleasure goodness at its best.

guilty pleasure evening snacking

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What do you eat before going to bed to help you sleep?