Super Snack Combinations for your Sunday

What's a great low-calorie snack for the weekend?

You probably gathered that we at Office Pantry are serious about our food. If food is worth eating, it is worth eating well.

As well as being serious, we love to experiment with food combos. Some are great for a Sunday hangover, others for a guilty midnight snack. Whatever you’re doting on food-wise, here are some suggestions to get your taste buds excited, and your body humming a sweet melody.

1)    Oats + Grapefruit Juice

Start the day right with a citrus blast of grapefruit juice whilst tucking into some hearty porridge. Grapefruit juice provides plenty of vitamin C and in tandem with oats has been found to enhance the effects of cholesterol reduction to even greater levels than consuming these two food types independently. And did we mention the glow? You always get that healthy glow when you start a day just right.

healthy snack combination

2)  Mango + Avocado

Avocado is a wonderfully malleable food. It goes ever so well with almost everything you can think of. Even mango. The awesome news about this delicious flavour combo is that it’s not only the taste that works in partnership, but the health benefits too. You see mango is packed full of cancer-combating antioxidants (known as carotenoids) which are fat soluble. This might not mean much to you and I, but to avocado that is music to their little ears. That’s because avocado contains monounsaturated fats and together with the mango’s carotenoids, your body can fully utilise the antioxidant benefits enhancing your defence from disease. “Yes please” says your immune system. “Yes please” indeed.

healthy office snack combinations

3)  Mussels + Lemon

This might sound a little indulgent, but this combination is also mightily healthy. I know, I know, why ruin such a wonderfully tasty treat by telling you it’s also super healthy? Well we just thought you should know that you have actually been accumulating more health points than you initially thought. Simply put, citrus juices boost your body’s ability to absorb iron. Iron is abundant in mussels. So wonder no more why your body always feels so smug after enjoying these shellfish delights. Now you know you’ve been enhancing your own energy levels and vitality. Win:Win.

healthy weekend snack

4)  Broccoli + Eggs

Eggs are not only a vital ingredient to any traditional English Breakfast, they also contain an amino acid known as cysteine. Cysteine aids your body in its quest to remove any remaining toxins in your body from that wild Saturday night. It won’t purge you of the memory of pulling out those Friday Night fever shapes, but with the broccoli’s vitamin C goodness, you’ll be feeling sparkly in no time at all. A recent British health study even found that vitamin C can lead to a healthier complexion – what a lovely double-whammy.

healthy office snack

5) Dark Chocolate + Cranberries

Time for a snack to end your day. That’s right, we’re giving you a free pass for an evening of indulgence. *Klaxon*. Ooops, our mistake. Sounds like this terrifically tasty treat idea is actually infused full of health benefits too. Our elves have just informed us that dark chocolate actually lowers your blood pressure. Cool huh? But that’s probably down to the fact that it’s really tasty as we said before, so you naturally get happy which lowers blood pressure. It must be the cranberries. Well it turns out they’re full of quercetins – a potent antioxidant. If you combine this with the natural antioxidants in dark chocolate, you get so many antioxidant positive-externality benefits that your body will swell with pride, happiness and smiles.

healthy snacks for the workplace

We love unexpected combinations here at Office Pantry.

Like yin and yang.

Snacks and work.

You and us.

What is your favourite weekend snack?