9 Bar: Your high fibre, high nutrient, high taste bar

The Food Science

Densely packed with naturally nutritious sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds, we like to call 9 Bar super wholesome energy goodness. This gives multiple benefits as a result of:

chocolate seed bar
  • A Low Glycaemic Index – releases the bar's energy slowly

  • A High Protein content – keeps you fuller for longer

  • High Magnesium content – reduces tiredness and fatigue (notably from the pumpkin seeds)

  • High Thiamine content – helps protect and maintain energy (notably from the sunflower seeds)

  • High Vitamin B2 content (Riboflavin) – helps protect against effects of oxidative stress

  • 9 Amino Acids - The Hemp Seeds contain a balance of all 9 essential amino acids *cough* hence the 9Bar name *cough*

Good Energy, Twice

charitable bar

9 Bar supports SolarAid, with the idea that buying a bar gives energy to you and energy to others. Simply, for every 9 Bar sold, the equivalent of a night's light is given to a child in Africa. 

Even one light has a massive impact: 
-    It can save a family over £130
-    It provides light for over 1000 extra hours of study
-    It eliminates half a tonne of CO2 emissions and toxic fumes

Aren't our pals at 9bar good eggs?

The Bars themselves...

We offer the full range of 9Bars in our snack packs. There are 4 types of 9 Bar, with multiple flavours:

  • Carob Hit - Carob topped bar, with the flavours: Original, Fruity, Flax and Chia Berry.

  • Original Lift - The typical no-topping 9 Bar: Organic, Nutty, Peanut and Pumpkin.

  • Breakfast Boost - As the name says, great for breakfast: Cocoa & Cashew, Raspberry & Almond, Apricot & Strawberry, and Peanut & Raisin.

  • Cocoa Kick - Chocolate topped bar, with the flavours: Hazelnut, Raspberry, Cashew and Coconut.

We deliver these bars within the Office Pantry snack packs on a rotating basis. Remember that, as a customer, you can tailor your contents by giving us your feedback.

✓ Gluten Free

✓ Produced in Britain

✓ No nasties

✓ Grandmother Approved

✓ Vegan Friendly

✓ Tastes Damned Good




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