Aduna Energy Bars

made from cold-pressed fruit and nuts

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The Aduna Story

Andrew [Hunt], one of the two co-founders (and pictured here), was historically an advertising man. He had spent his entire professional life creating and launching brands for global companies, none of which he truly believed in - a modern Mad Man if you like.

Quite unexpectedly, a family friend came calling with an opportunity to help micro fruit and veg producers in The Gambia. Andrew couldn't resist so off he went - and his initial six week project become a 4 year passion.

The other pea in Aduna's founding pod is Nick [Salter]. He's also spent his early professional days working for multinationals, and also shared Andrew's passion for African culture. In fact he had previously travelled the entire length of Africa - north to south - and it was on a business trip to Senegal where he first tasted a baobab fruit drink.

A couple years later and Nick was still researching to source the name of that strange fruit he'd tried in Africa all those years ago. He was talking about his problem to some friends, when one of them suggested getting in touch with Andrew.

As Africa account for some 25% of the world's botanical species, yet less than 1% find their way into products we westerners consume, Andrew and Nick immediately started brainstorming ideas around this opportunity to help African farmers.

The Aduna mission is to bring you the natural benefits of Africa's super-food ingredients whilst creating sustainable livelihoods for small-scale producers. 

To date over 700 women in Ghana now have a sustainable income from producing baobab - enabling them to provide for their families. Which makes me come over all warm and fuzzy πŸ˜‡

The Aduna Bars

Each 40g Aduna bar is made from cold-pressed fruit and nuts. They are all packed with antioxidant-rich cacao powder, a full teaspoon of crunchy cacao nibs, walnuts and tangy hibiscus. And...errr... that's it!

At Office Pantry, we stock the Cacao Energy Bar.

This makes each bar a high source of fibre - supporting your digestive health to make you feel fuller for longer.

We mix these healthy energy bars within the Office Pantry snack pack deliveries. Don't forget that, as a customer of ours, you can tailor your snack contents by giving us your feedback at any time.

βœ“ Gluten Free

βœ“ Vegan Friendly

βœ“ British Produced

βœ“ No Artificial Ingredients

βœ“ A Raw Food Source

βœ“ Grandmother Approved

βœ“ Kosher Friendly

βœ“ Vegetarian Friendly

βœ“ Tastes Damn Good

Producer: Andrew Hunt and Nick Salter

Produced in: the UK (undisclosed for competition reasons!)