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The Cheeky Ps Story

Cheeky Ps was founded by brother-sister due, Greg and Gracia, after being inspired by "Kacang Putih" from Malaysia - a simple snack make by lightly seasoning steamed chickpeas.

Historically found on most Malaysian street corners, it has been dubbed the popcorn of the 80's.

Greg and Gracia wanted to bring this to the UK, so started dabbling with recipes in their family kitchen. After one or two kitchen fires(!) the duo nailed their methodology and Cheeky Ps was officially up and runnning.


Located in London

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Each pack of Cheeky Ps gives you 1 of your 5 a day, 11g of plant protein and 7g of fibre all packed inside this vegan snack.

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The Cheeky Ps Range

We deliver the following flavours in 50g bags:

  • Black Pepper
  • Curry
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We deliver these roasted chickpeas within the Office Pantry snack packs on a rotating basis. Remember that, as a customer, you can tailor your contents by giving us your feedback.

✓ Gluten Free

✓ Vegan Friendly

✓ British Produced

✓ No Artificial Flavourings

✓ 1 of your 5 a day

✓ Grandmother Approved

✓ No Artificial Colourings

✓ High in Protein

✓ Tastes Damn Good

Producers: Greg and Gracia

Produced in: London