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Creative Nature's Story

Creative Nature was founded in 2012, by the lovely Julianne Ponan, in Surrey.


Juianne unfortunately suffers from severe anaphylaxis - meaning if she eats just one smidgen of something her body disagrees with, she is prone to a potentially life-threatening reaction.

Location: West Molesey, Surrey

Not wanting to put her life into other people's hands, Julianne developed a series of foods that she could rely on. The bars she created were packed full of superfoods, and she called them "Creative Nature".

Creative Nature Apple Pie Protein Cacao Orange delivered by Office Pantry.jpg

The Creative Nature Range

The 7 different varieties of 40g bars are all raw and cold pressed - trapping all the nutrients within their packets. The majority of their range are Free From all of the 14 allergens, and flavours include:

  • Apple Pie Protein - protein flapjack
  • Cacao Orange - protein flapjack
  • Ginger Detox
  • Goji Goodness
  • Peanut Protein
  • Raw Cacao
  • Salted Caramel - protein flapjack

We deliver these uber healthy snack bars within our Office Pantry snack packs on a regular basis. But as a customer, you can tailor your contents by giving us your feedback.

So if you love 😍Creative Nature's bars, you'll be sure to receive plenty of them.

βœ“ Gluten Free

βœ“ Vegan Friendly

βœ“ British Produced

βœ“ No Artificial Flavourings

βœ“ 1 of your 5 a day

βœ“ Grandmother Approved

βœ“ No Artificial Colourings

βœ“ Vegetarian Friendly

βœ“ Tastes Damn Good

Producer: Julianne Ponan

Produced in: West Molesey, Surrey